Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fire and water, elements of life and my misery

So incase you have not been following the world news, Volcano Pacaya just erupted and Tropical storm, almost Hurrican Agatha just hit Guatemala. So there I was riding and camping in this rian and ash muck, not knowing what was hitting the area exactly, thinking: they don´t call it the rainy season for no good reason. For the first time I was afraid that my tent will not hold up. So much so that I went and bought bought a black plastic tarp to help out my super light tent fly. It rained five days straight. Actually to call it rain is putting it mildly, it's more like torraintial down pour, as if one is camped underneath Niagara fall, and have Lake Erie poured directly over your tent, all night long complete with lightning ripped apart the night sky and thunders tugs and tears one's nerve. Then the ash from Pacaya came into the mix, nothing was being cleaned, and nothing was ever dry...I thought I was the most miserable creature to walk the earth. That was until I rode into Antigua and found out what was happening to the people and their see the old lady crying in the market because her house has collasped and family members missing. Although I was still wet and cold but all of a sudden, I felt I was still being the fortunate one.

So live life as if it's your last day because you just don't know what can happen tomorrow!

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