Wednesday, June 9, 2010

$20 Hair Cut

The last time I got a hair cut on this trip was in Nigaragua, 007 Hair Salon. Yes, I did ask for a James Bond cut and it costed fair market price, just like the the little kid next to me who got himself a cocky-de-doo-a much geled spike upfront that is the rage of central america hair style.

All through out the trip, in my most excellent broken, bastarized Spanish I would just ask for what I want, most of the time I do get what I want but sometime there are some happy surprises and I nevered felt the typical price gouching. I never felt the inclination the bargain either since what I have been charged is consistent with what every one else is paying and charging. But since been in Mexico, I felt I have been over charged twic already. As the title says, I just had a $20 hair cut, the most expensive hair cut in my life. I could have rant and rave but since I didn't ask for the price first, I figure I was in no position to argue. Second, the amount will not make her rich nor make me poor so I just bite the bullet. Lesson learned, ask for the price first if it may be beyond what you what to pay for something.

Don't get me wrong, the people here here are extremely friendly and polite, I refuse to let these few negative experiences cause to lose faith in humanity. That has to worth a whole lot more than a few dollars.

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Alex said...

Hmmm, Mexico, not too bad. I heard somewhere in Mexico is not very safe now, maybe I heard it wrong, just be careful. Looks like you are on schedule to meet Hugo and LF gang.

It's raining here now, nothing compare to the down pour you have experienced.

Happy riding and enjoy!