Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Gang of Granada

I have been held hostage by the biker gang of Granada, Nicaragua. Lead by their Jefe Martin, who doubles as a bike mechanic by day and pro bike gangster by night. I made the mistake of bringing my wrecked rim to him where he made the fixed cheap and then enticed me with all sorts of stories of beautiful ride to spots where there are little to no tourists. I was hooked.

After their successful abduction, where I have gone with them volunteerly, they made me ride up and down these steep hills, where I need to prove my biker status. Well luckily I made it, otherwise I´ll be the laughing stock of gringo bikers. The Laguna de Apollo was nothing short of spectacular. The gang made me jump in the cool cool water, oh the misery, is there no end.

The next day it was the same, more up and down into the jungle on little forest trail which was more suited for horses, my poor newly fixed rim. 26 km worth of the bone jarring trails and the last Kilometer and a half was actually a hike in with my bike on the back. Oh, I had to carried a 3 litre of cocacola for their planned picnic. The marched me to this natural underground fed whirlpoor on the foothill of a Volcano. Nicaragua is a land created by volcanos and receding ocean. It was such a torture as I had to soak in that clear cool crystal spring to no end, watching native mokey tribe howling above in the canopy...

Luckily because of my prowess shown on my bike, I was eventually let go, teary eyes and all.

If anyone is interested in visiting Central America, make Nicaragua your destination, make Granada and Leon your home, because you are at home once you meet their citizens. They will make you their extended family:D

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