Thursday, May 13, 2010

Walk the line

Or I should say bike the line. Aside from the coastal highway, roads in Costa Rica are largely missing a bikable shoulder. So it reduce to how far you want to bike out there where you belong, as with all other forms of moving heavy metals. I elect to ride on just to the left of the white little line separating the road and the tiny bit of space before gravel and mud begins. Most of the time truck and buses are fairly good about giving me a heathy passing margin, but then there are always exceptions. I love the one, the very skilled one, like the topgun of truck drivers. They can litterally shave my side going at 80km/hr without causing bleeding, now that is skill.

So far I have had two flats, replaced my rear tire and chain...Everything is working out nicely, all except my tent. It´s superlight, and fragile. I hope it´ll last the trip.

Diet wise it´s been nothing but bean and rice, everything else is deepfried to hell. All the same to a hungry bike really.

I will be crossing into Nicaragua tomorrow...wohooo!!!!!

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