Sunday, May 16, 2010

secret rendevou of two horses

The night was cool and the star were shining bright...the perfect night after a long day on the bike. So there I was, in my million star hotel de tent, lying on my comfy Thermarest, fast fading into dreamless unconsciouness, then I felt something weird, like I have been watched. As my eyes opens and the focus comes in slowly...ahhh, everyone remembered the movie Abyss, when the water face came into the underwater craft, well, there was this giant horse face less than a meter hovering directly over me. It actually took me a few seconds, between fright and wonderment to realize it was a horse face breathing in front of mine. OK, fine, there was a fence between him and me and he was likely just checking me out and maybe a bit of company over the long night. So after a brief introduction, I went back to sleep while he wandered in the area...

Several hours later, my six sense kick into defcom 6 alert, red alert as I jerked awake. Ahhhh, two horses, this time one is on my side of the fence, and directly over my head is his belly. what, how, where, when and why??????? So now the two horses are happily making out, or should I say necking and having a great time. Meanwhile I slowly slide myself out of the way, fear of being stomped into mash potato should the horse get excited and began to dance. At this point I heard my bike had already been stomped on so I decided to step in and played the intrusive chaperon and break up this intimate moment, but how do one break up a necking couple/pal without inducing too much excitement or resentment. Well, just like in those darken gym, I turn on the light and hope shyness will break up the moment naturally. It worked, the two horses broke up and went away, actually I think they found another dark corner and continue their affair, much to my delight.

But the sad news about all this is that my rear rim is bent and cracked under the stress. It still works now but because all the weight it must carry, it will need to be replaced. I am now resting in the beautiful city of Granada, Nicaragua, hoping the bike shop here carry a rim that I can use.


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