Thursday, May 6, 2010

The enchanted city of David

Greeting to all,

I am somehow stuck in the David, so now the name of the game is to "Escape David" The original plan was to stop here for a two day rest, send back some of the stuffs that obviously is unused dead weight, CLA the bike and onward/forward into Costa Rica, but now is the fourth day I am here, the bike is still untouched...

David is the second largest city in Panama, it's about as bland as white rice served with white rice, with white rice as side dish. But being here in the wonderful hostel of Bambu, one Canadian, one Aussie, one Irish, one Slovenian, two Polish, one American will have a big BBQ fiesta, reason, we hijacked the fish delivery truck this morning and scored us a load of fresh sea bass and now the menu has expanded to steak, chicken, corn fresh salad green and vino in multitude of colours...just another day in Paradise, life in the enchanted city of David.

As a mini conclusion to Panama, it far more than I first envisioned it, there were talks of bikers being robbed on the Pan-American hwy but I am certain those were crime of opportunity which can happen just about anywhere in the world. The roads are relatively flat. There were one big climb around Santiago, climbing in the 35 degree heat is mucho mucho no fun. I found the trick is that one need to get up around 4.30am, and hope to get on the road by no later than 7am. Only then one can put in the big gear and get to a century day without expose to the mid day heat and the almost certain late afternoon shower. Freelance camping has been easy, and priming with alcohol from pharmacist before burning automobile gasolina with the MSR is working beautifully.

Panamanian are a wonderfully friendly, an enthusiastic greet will earn you a heart melting smile and salute...a few words of inquisitive in Spanish will get you a world of insights to the life in Panama, if you are asking about their prepare to sample, no argument will get you off the hook, tigers milk is about as awful as anything I have drank in my life.

So if I should manage to get out tomorrow, I will be in Costa Rica by night fall...I hope I will escape the enchanted city of David, I am determined!!!!!

Roberto, writing from the enchanted of David


Orla said...

Again you bring me into a different world. Far away from daily chores and regular life. I would love to be at that BBQ tonight. It sounds fantastic.

I am packing for Ireland myself. I am going to bring Oisin and Ferdia. The ash cloud seems to have blown over Ireland and the airport has reopened. Fingers crossed that there is no more ash tomorrow.

I look forward to reading more posts from you when I get back.Have a wonderful time.


Bilbo Bellerby said...

Bikin' Bro!
sounds so far are you headed, north?

Costa Rica (el suiza de centro americo) should be no problem but I hope you'll do your diligence from there, north.

You be careful there, k?
Danger jumped out at us on our bikes (with a machette right when WE least expected it) but I'm sure you'll be one wiser after all your travels and will keep that nose to the ground.

Keep us posted and learn lots of Spanish for our CUBA trip in Feb!


Tee said...

Hey Cheetoman,

It's great to hear your updates. I hope that you continue to meet friendly faces on your trip!

Jeanne M. M. said...

Rob! You go to places I can only dream of seeing. Thanks for being my eyes and ears. I love being able to stay connected with you, even by way of an email from a far away place. Keep sending those posts.

Keep well, keep safe and come back to TO soon, so you can see how grown up my kids are and how grown out I am these days!!

Missing you tons,

Jeanne & the Guelph Gang

Alex said...

Hi, Robert,
You must be on your way by now, just be careful and enjoy the journey.

Keep us updated when you have the chance.


Alex said...
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