Friday, May 7, 2010

Escape from David

Yes, I made it...I have successfully escaped the enchanting city of David. Under the cover of monring that is not yet bright and the attentive eye of smoking budha(Karol from Poland), I quietly packed and was quite sure I was to eascape in peace. Even in the morning haze that caused by excessive indulgement of fine wine from a box, most poeple came out in attempt to stop me from leaving. With great determinence, I weaved my way out of the crowd, shed the caring stares that was darting at my back. I rode away. Freedom at last! Freedom that was paid in full and then some.

Maybe one day I describe all lost souls that came together and created this big bang in the enchanting city of David, hostel bambu-in fact, if anyone is already part of the evil empire facebook, you might be able to do a search on ¨the enchanting city of David¨, there might be a bunch of pictures up already.

It´s interesting that everyone is drifting aimlessly looking for something, and everyone one´s something is drastically different. How desperate are we to wander through the end of the world only to be back exactly where we were.

OK, Costa Rica, bring on those fire stations.


Vay said...


Your blog made me think of this song by John Mayer. It's called 3 X 5

I thought this would be the quickest way to get it to you

I'm so used to seeing pictures! This time no pictures, and it makes me use think about what it looks like, which is especially creative for me because I haven't done much travelling myself.

Keep writing, I'll keep reading! I miss you!

Alex said...

There must be some stories there in the city of David.